Who are we

for ?

We are for the many dedicated and knowledgeable Will Writing and Estate Planning professionals in the UK who provide high quality advice, vital services and play a key role in their communities.

We are for those with vision and who know that, whilst transactional customer relationships will result in short term income, long-term relationships that are valued by the customer will create long term value for their business.

We are for those customer focused businesses that want to shift the industry away from being viewed as a document production service, towards being an ongoing and proactive relationship.  It is because they understand that for a customer to have certainty surrounding their inheritance wishes, their Estate Planning needs to keep pace with changing circumstances, and that all the people involved need to be fully supported.

We are for those who know what they want to be known for, and want to build a strong, recognisable brand that is widely and confidently recommended by other professionals and a loyal customer community.

We are for those individuals and firms that believe in respectful collaboration and have a vision for the future of their business, the industry at large and have clear ambitions to:

do more

provide more

be more

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to shift the Will Writing & Estate Planning industry and the way people see it.

To help businesses establish a model structured for excellent customer relationships that aims not just at short term income, but towards long-term value.

Why let us
work for you?

Your department for growth

If, like for many businesses, short term income requirements lead you to spend more time and mental energy on chasing new customers, and less on building long term value and stability, we know that we can help.

What if your business model included a greater focus on engagement with existing customers, in a way that they would truly value, and that would make sound commercial sense for your business?

What if you could combine human creativity with technology, to efficiently create a personal brand that pulled customers towards you, rather than being reliant on exhausting push marketing.

What if your business model truly responded to the fact that 2 out of 3 people would rather discover a new brand through recommendation or referral, rather than react to advertising?

LSGi provides hands on practical support, additional customer service resources, as well as innovative technology to help businesses build loyal customer communities and effective referral relationships.  Our aim is for your business to develop highly predictable and reliable returns, increasing short term income whilst creating long term value.

We could help your business to:

Do more

Relationship beyond transaction.

Provide more

Collaborate with others to create more reasons to come back and recommend.

Be more

For your customers, your business & YOU!