Tools that combine creativity with technology and help to build strong business and customer communities

Trust Box

Trust Box is for those businesses that want to build, quickly grow and engage with a strong customer community.  Trust Box can give people more reason to engage with your business and help to build a brand that is a feature of everyday life.  It will also actively encourage customers to become advocates for your business in a way which they will engage, and it will help you to form meaningful and respectful collaborative relationships with other like-minded businesses.

Trust Box will help you to do more, provide more and BE MORE!

Digital Vault

Either as a feature of Trust Box, or, as a stand alone addition to your customer offering, Digital Vault is so much more than digital document storage.

Features within Digital vault will help to create ongoing customer relationships with regular reviews.  It will support Executors, Trustees and Attorneys, and provide the opportunity for you to engage with them.

Digital Vault could have your customers, and the people closest to them, thinking about your business almost every day.

My final wishes

My Final Wishes allows you to provide a customer with their own secure on-line space where they can leave and update personal messages for loved ones.  Where they can note down and update their funeral wishes, where they can make plans, and leave instructions in relation to their on-line accounts.

For customers, the personal and emotional elements of Estate Planning can be just as important as the legal side of things.

Executor Toolkit

To make sure that what someone wants to happen, actually does happen after they have passed away, requires more than just Estate Planning documents.  It is also essential that those who have been entrusted to oversee their affairs are supported.

Executor Toolkit is an on-line case management and support system that enables an Executor to complete estate administration themselves with no legal headaches or jargon.

It can be introduced as part of a customer’s overall Estate Planning and introduced to the Executors from the outset.

It demonstrates a holistic approach to Estate Planning, can help save costs, and provide additional peace of mind for your customer.

On-line planning

The number of low cost on-line will writing solutions seems to be growing every week, but, a customer’s choice between on-line and professional advice off–line, shouldn’t be an either/or proposition.  On-line is here to stay; our solutions are designed to be owned by the Professional Estate Planner, complementing their holistic customer offering, so that they can own both the on-line and off-line space.

We believe that on-line isn’t a solution in itself, but when it supports a personalised off-line service, it can be very powerful.

Do more

Relationship beyond transaction.

Provide more

Collaborate with others to create more reasons to come back and recommend.

Be more

For your customers, your business & YOU!