Services that will enable you to reinvent your business for growth.


Business owners are always thinking! They can’t help themselves and reflective thought is crucial to the development of any business.  However, the key is what to think about.  All too often, our thoughts are reactions to our day, to immediate problems that end up sapping mental energy.  Our insights are designed to give you ‘food for thought’ that will nourish your business replacing the noisy, unhealthy ‘fast food’ thoughts that often leave you feeling hungry.

Program for Growth

Not having a boss can be both the best and worst parts of running your own business.  The freedom to be creative and make decisions is liberating, but, some challenges can leave us wishing we had someone to tell us what to do, or at least provide a helping hand, or some friendly advice.

With our Programme for Growth we offer choices; after all it’s your business.  So, whether it’s structure, planning, team building, branding, or marketing, we can help you develop techniques and systems that have been proven to work by successful business builders.

Brand Building

Building a brand is about discovering and defining the hidden assets within your business.  The things that make you different, that give you purpose and should be making you stand out from the crowd.  Your brand is the heart of your business, it’s who you are, not just what you do.  Make the heart of your business beat faster and make an emotional and personal connection with your community.  Identify your brand DNA in our workshops and celebrate what you stand for.

On-line engagement

The digital era has changed everything.  It has moved us away from faceless businesses, as everyone is now visible on-line, and people seek out authentic brands.

A digital strategy has to be a key priority for any business, and with our partners we are able to help drive engagement, generate new customers and increase conversion.  That is whether it is by creating a splash on Social Media or increasing website visitors.

We can help to create compelling promotional content including show-stopping videos to reach and engage with the right audience.

Off-line engagement

Despite what some might have you believe, on-line isn’t everything.  Brand authenticity comes from what you stand for and how you connect with your customer community.  We believe that your off-line collateral and activity should be supported by on-line, and not replaced by it.

We can help with messaging, copywriting design and production, drawing on a wealth of knowledge and expertise built up over years and borrowing from other sectors.

Outsourced customer engagement

Ever thought, “I could do so much more if I just had the time or an extra pair of hands”?  We give your business immediate growth by increasing its technological and human resources.  Our team of purpose-lead customer service professionals, experienced in Will Writing & Estate Planning, unlock the potential of your customer community.  They have positively transformed the relationship businesses have with existing customers, strengthening the loyalty to their brand and created reliable, predictable and long term revenue and profitability.

Drafting & fulfillment

A significant contributor to the growth of a business will almost always be efficiency and cost saving.  We can help you achieve both.

For example, drafting of Trust Deeds can be provided for as little as £250+Vat including property transfers, but excluding disbursements, and when combined with the technology, can be fulfilled within just a few days.

Bereavement support

To really connect with your customer community, caring about everything they care about is essential, including the emotional side of things, not just the practical.

As part of a holistic service, you can provide access to an award winning bereavement support team who will help with all the practical and legal needs following a bereavement, including grief support and help with planning a funeral.

Knowing that their loved ones will be supported gives a great deal of comfort to your customers, and knowing that you have arranged it will give them confidence and peace of mind.

Do more

Relationship beyond transaction.

Provide more

Collaborate with others to create more reasons to come back and recommend.

Be more

For your customers, your business & YOU!