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The only way to shift an industry !

To shift an industry, we understand that the industry needs to get involved.  We need to help individual firms build brands, so that their people become the new faces of the industry and lead the charge towards change.

We believe in collaboration and understand what it means.  Partnerships that are mutually respectful of individual ambitions and shared goals.  We collaborate well with those in and around the industry to effect change.

Our ambition, to shift the Will Writing and Estate Planning industry, is borne out of a desire to benefit the public, but also, the businesses and importantly, the business owners involved.  We want the shift to create opportunities for business owners to spend more time doing the things they want to do and less time chasing revenue.  We want business owners to know that their bravery and hard work will create a business with real, tangible and long term value, so that they can enjoy the retirement they deserve, or at least take things a little easier without worry.

Patrick Harrison


LSGi Ltd