Who are we for?

The modern Will Writer & Estate Planner Community.

Estate Planners with vision know that Will Writing and Estate Planning is about more than just producing documents.

They know that they need to deliver a customer’s long-term goal of certainty and that requires an ongoing, proactive relationship.

They value respectful collaboration so that they can do more, provide more and be more for their customer community.

Customer service and care is at the heart of their business model and purpose.

Our Purpose

To help establish valued customer and business communities that work for everyone and create long term value.

The 20th century business model was all about production and efficiencies.

The new business model is all about Purpose

Why do we do what we do?

What do we want to be known for?

More than ever, people want to unite behind a cause. More than ever, people hate being sold to.

2 out of 3 people would prefer to discover your brand via recommendation or referral than respond to an advert.

Why let us work for you?

A proven partnership that provides the resources, skills, insights and tools for excellent customer service and effective organic growth

What if we could help you build an engaged and appreciative community rather than a database?

What if your business model had customers seeking you out rather than exhausting resources on marketing?

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel sure, at the beginning of the year, that business will be good?

At LSGi we love supporting growth through insight, innovation, inspiration and implementation.


Shush… There is a secret 7% rule

Everyone says that they care about giving great customer service but is it about more than just being nice and efficient?

A business model that places customer service at the heart of its commercial structure delivers impressive and highly predicable results…

Product or Purpose?

In the digital era business has moved on, customers get to know a lot about us, and are able to compare us with others from our on-line presence.

So how important is it to say something different that’s personal and authentic?